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June 2, 2016 / by Kent Crawford / in: News
Karina Kreminski

Karina Kreminski

No Retreat 2014

No Retreat 2014

Greetings friends,

I’ve had the privilege recently of meeting with Rev Dr Karina Kreminski who will be one of our key speakers at our highly anticipated NO RETREAT event for ministry agents across the Presbytery later this year. Karina is a Lecturer in Missional Studies at Morling Theological College and is passionate about church planting, both personally and professionally. She also has 13 years’ experience as the Senior Pastor of Community Life Church in Cherrybrook and she’s excited to be spending two days with us this August. I’m really looking forward to her contribution to our thinking about and practice of missional leadership.

Karina is as engaging a writer as she is a person. You can read her blog post at the Missio Alliance website on the subversive nature of practicing true friendship, on various perspectives on gender, scripture and the Christian life, as well as a great post entitled: “Stop Using The Word Community Unless You Mean It!”

Our first No Retreat in 2014, was a big hit. The feedback was that the balance of speakers from a variety of fields in public life were greatly appreciated. Even though it was felt some speakers hit the mark more than others, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The evaluation forms were filled with lively comments such as:

"The whole thing was beautiful and useful and we need more of this.”

“The concept of a short sharp jam packed event seemed to be very well received.”

“The location sure beats drafty church halls.”

“I very much enjoyed the opportunities for discussion one to one. I feel I've gotten to know some people better, plus had chance for deep conversation on important questions. Thank you.”

“The speakers were interesting and insightful and very challenging.”

“The format was great - you have set the bar high - you practiced what you preached!”

“I liked the way the No Retreat was organised. The program had a good balance of input, conversation and celebration.”

As a Presbytery we love to see our ministry agents flourishing, and so we continue to plan for an event that respects their time and talents. We continue to plan an event that lifts each other up and celebrates the hard and faithful work being done by so many, so often beyond the limelight. We continue to plan well for a truly excellent event, and we’re keen for all our ministry agents to be supported to attend.

Check out some more details about No Retreat. Ministers, pastors and chaplains from around Sydney Presbytery are invited to register now!

Every blessing,