Music, Songs and Mission Network.


This network will enable people to collaborate on ways to use music to further the mission and ministry of Uniting Churches in Sydney Presbytery and beyond.  It will gather people with an interest in:

  • Exploring the mission potential of music, art & creativity.
  • Introducing and encouraging locally grown music in our worship gatherings.
  • Conversations about the theology we would like to express in contemporary worship music.
  • The development of younger leaders and leadership around music and events.
  • Building a reciprocally supportive network of events/venues throughout the Presbytery.

The online email list will enable discussion about the purpose of music in worship and the sort of theology we want to express.  Members will be able to share songs, provide encouragement & critique, organise song-writer nights, and support events in local churches.  There is no requirement to be musical to participate in this network!

Music and songwriting are important for the Uniting Church, because:

  • We have high levels of musically gifted people in our congregations;
  • Our members say they are more likely to invite a new person to a music event than any other sort of event;
  • Music plays an important role in almost every growing movement and provides a vehicle for expressing our purpose.