Mission, Witness & Engagement, Advocacy Network.

This network will gather people with an interest in the mission and witness of the Uniting Church and/or with a passion for effective public engagement and advocacy.  The network will work toward:

  • Outlining a common gospel that makes sense to our diverse post-Christian setting
  • Development of resources for embedding a shared mission framework in our preaching and public witness, and for training and equipping our members
  • Building the profiles of our congregations in the community through effective public engagement and advocacy
  • Organising network events, actions, public lectures and similar events that offer opportunities for our members to invite others to participate in our movement
  • Developing leaders and leadership through training, participation and mutual support.

This online email list will gather people interested in collaborating to develop an authentically Uniting expression of 'gospel' that makes sense not just to children, marginalised groups, or the needy, but is equally relevant to educated elites, the comfortable middle-class, and the powers and principalities in Sydney and beyond.