Meet the Team

Rev. Kent Crawford
Executive Minister

Kent is the Executive Minister for Sydney Presbytery. He joined the Presbytery staff in 2012 as the Mission and Evangelism Officer and took up his new role in October 2014. Kent is responsible for leading the Presbytery Standing Committee through strategic planning processes and overseeing the delivery of the resultant plans alongside Presbytery staff and committees.

Kent has previously served at West Epping and Engadine-Helensburgh Uniting Church congregations, as well as two years with the NSW/ACT Synod Board of Education as the Coordinator for the National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) held in Newcastle in 2003. Trained in psychology, theology, community organising, and currently undertaking training in business and governance, Kent oversees a focussed and energetic team including the staff members below.

Kent’s passion is to see thriving, well-resourced, missional churches spread across our region; churches who make a significant contribution to building community, acting for justice and nourishing faith within their local contexts.

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Rev. Adrian Sukumar-White
Tertiary Ministry Resource Officer

Adrian joined the Sydney Presbytery team in February 2016 in the role of Tertiary Ministry Resource Officer. Adrian works the Tertiary Resource and Oversight Committee (TROC) in growing and strengthening tertiary ministry in Sydney Presbytery; a ministry that has been a vital part of the Presbytery’s mission for many years. To do so, Adrian works with the chaplaincy teams, university congregations, student housing communities and the wider Church.

Adrian was recently ordained (in 2016!) but has worked in the Uniting Church for several years. He was a mission worker at the University of Sydney and UTS for 6 years, and the assistant minister at Leichhardt Uniting Church for 2 years. As part of his ministry formation, Adrian has served in placements at Castle Hill Uniting Church, Westmead Hospital and as Senior Student for United Theological College. Adrian holds bachelor degrees in both theology and engineering.

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Ian Goff
Business Manager

Ian is the Business Manager for the Presbytery, having joined in February 2015.

Having studied at the University of Technology Sydney and completed his CPA qualification, Ian brings a strong drive for continuous improvement and process re-engineering with over 20 years experience within the profession. With a background in project management, training, asset accounting and auditing, these skills are an integral component of the Presbytery staff and the Business and Property Committee.

Ian was raised and still worships within the Uniting Church, and has found a well rounded balance of his professional and spiritual gifts now working with the Presbytery.

Ian is also a Justice of the Peace and can assist with the duties this role fills in society. He also has a passion for good governance and leads and co-ordinates the Presbytery's training in this area for Church Councils.

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Poppy Roumeliotis
Administration Assistant

Poppy joined Sydney Presbytery in July 2013 to provide part-time administration support for the Sydney Presbytery office and staff, and to assist Ministers and Congregations with their various enquiries.

Poppy has a wealth of experience within the Uniting Church, having previously spent 18 years working with the NSW Synod.

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Nadine Newell
Ministry Support Officer

Nadine joined the Sydney Presbytery team in October 2015 in the role of Ministry Support Officer, working primarily with the Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) in their ministry of oversight of Congregations and Ministers. She has worked in a church context for almost 20 years, in a variety of ministry, leadership and administration roles. Nadine has served on the ministry and staff teams at Morling Theological College, the Black Stump Festival, Global Interaction, Parramatta Baptist Church and Youth Ministries Australia.

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Rev. Jenny Ducker
Pastoral Relations Minister

Jenny joined the Sydney Presbytery team in December 2017 in the role of Pastoral Relations Minister. With a heart and passion for the Uniting Church - its Congregations, agencies, and ministry agents, Jenny is excited to be able to offer support and encouragement to help people be the best expression of God’s love they can possibly be.

Ordained in 2002, Jenny comes from South Australia, where she served in 2 ministry placements in the Adelaide Hills and Southern suburbs of Adelaide prior to moving to Sydney and Wesley Mission in 2015. Jenny is delighted to continue her long involvement with Period of Discernment and candidates for specified ministries, which began with Jenny’s own experiences as a candidate. What drives Jenny’s involvement and passion in these areas? It is the desire to see people achieve their best life following God’s plan for them, as well as her own longing to see them supported, encouraged and connected with the people of God.

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Dr. Glen Powell
Director of Mission

Glen is the Director of Mission for Sydney Presbytery. He joined the Presbytery staff in 2017 after completing a mid-life PhD in Building Organisational Leadership Capacity for Social Inclusion at Macquarie University. Glen contributes to leading the church to life through mission planning, training and development, and working closely with congregation’s that aim to transform their leadership, governance, and missional effectiveness. Glen is responsible for identifying, encouraging, and training people for pioneering projects as part of the Presbytery’s church planting initiative.

Glen has previous experience as a Community Organiser with the Sydney Alliance; as the New Congregations Consultant for the NSW-ACT Synod; as a lay leader within Café Church Glebe; and as a professional musician.  Apart from his PhD, he holds a BEc, Grad Cert in Entrepreneurship, and an MA in Missiology.

Those who have met Glen will know he has a passionate belief that the Uniting Church has theological foundations and organisational DNA which give it the potential to be the growing, inclusive, and transformational movement which Australia needs in the twenty-first century. Glen sees his job as helping the Church close the big gap between what we currently are, and what we are called to be as a fellowship of the Spirit of Christ.

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Jono Hirt, MA
Communications Manager

Jono joined the Sydney Presbytery team in March 2017 as the Communications Manager. Jono was brought on board to design and implement the Presbytery’s Communications Strategy.

Previous to his work with the Presbytery, Jono worked in the anti-slavery and ethical consumer space for over 5 years – in San Francisco and Sydney.

Jono has also served on Board of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, worked as an Organiser within the Union Movement and currently volunteers with Sydney Alliance as part of the People Seeking Asylum Campaign Team.

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